Hkablebiological technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

First、export director

1,male, aged between 30-45 years old.

2,3--5 years the regional distribution of work experience in the export of pharmaceuticals or medical devices;

Second, the network unit sales

1, help companies develop overall market development strategy and market development objectives, familiar with network sales model;

2, expanding the company's market strategy, marketing centers to assist the development of business plans, with the marketing business plan;

3, the formulation and implementation of the various product lines price system and marketing strategy, marketing strategy, regional coverage strategy and promotion plan and organize relevant training;

Third、the marketing of products salesman

1, more than three years of relevant work experience;

2, has a good professional image and quality, high degree of enthusiasm, good teamwork, observation and coordination ability of;

Fourth、 the production director

1, familiar with the requirements of ISO quality management system, more than 1-2 years experience in quality management;

2, familiar with the production and management products;

3, familiar with the use and management of company equipment;

4, familiar with the health status and production order production areas.

5, have a good ability to learn, work cautious, well-behaved, principled, and can withstand the pressure.


1, technical professional, college degree or above, with biology, disinfection relevant expertise, medicine, pharmacy and other priority;

2, familiar with ISO quality management system, production management or quality management experience is preferred;

3, better coordination and response capabilities and staffing ability, adherence to confidentiality, strong sense of responsibility;



                      Published:November 8, 2015

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