HKable Biological Skin Repair Cream. Instruction

hkable biological removal of old scars of the skin repair cream products

 Hkable biological skin repair cream we succeeded in screening, cloning and purification of a bacteria to dissolve the subcutaneous fat of animals and bacteria of the variant. We purified the protein in animal experiments, combined with the technology of the tip large molecules through skin absorption, can effectively eliminate the old scars on the body surface. We research team for many years in protein chemistry and molecular biology research experience, we successfully screened a natural collagenase activity than the more modest but higher stability of bacterium, Clostridium? Histolyticum of collagenase variants. Extracted from the bacterial strains that Clostridiumhistolyticum collagenase to degrade a variety of animal, has been widely used to process requiring the removal of collagen, such as wound healing and tissue separation, but the natural collagenase activity is too high, test on the skin side effects too big. The formation of scar is because the body in the healing scar excessive secretion of collagen, so that the scar uplift, marked in red, if can invent a slow degradation of scars in collagen protease to remove scar effect.


We cloned, expressed and purified the specific collagenase variants. We use a commonly used industrial strain as a production system to solve the directly from the natural isolates purified encountered activated doping problem. The following figure shows the purified protein. According to the existing methods for the determination of the activity of collagenase, the activity of the collagenase variant is about 1/5 of the natural collagenase. In addition, our variant is more stable than the natural collagenase, see the following figure of the protease (trypsin) degradation. With 20% of the Trypsin (20% is the weight ratio of trypsin  and collagenase) to degrade the collagenase, the whole of the natural collagenase all decomposition, but we still keep the collagenase variants.

We use distinct macromolecules transdermal delivery technology (Hydroxysome transdermal delivery technology) variation of collagenase into stable cream, directly deposited on the surface of the scar, in order to achieve non-invasive remove scar.

Scar is a hot and difficult point in the world medical research. In real life, scar population is a huge group. Every one of us because of all kinds of unexpected situations: such as falls, stab wound, burn, scald, disfigurement, tattoos, plastic surgery, will leave a scar. Smaller lighter, pigmentation, skin color darker; in severe cases, the area of larger, higher than normal skin surface, and some were keloid, some of the formation of depressions, pits, color, shocking. According to authoritative statistics, Asian scars physique accounted for 84.68%, while China is a country with high physical scars, scars physical population of more than 85%, more than 90% of the population accounted for more than scars, so the treatment of scars, great opportunities. Every year, only about 12 million times the number of surgical trauma, mild and moderate burn and scald is not counted.

Currently at home and abroad scar treatment with local drug closed, dermabrasion, surgical excision and skin grafting, gene therapy, immune therapy, laser radiation therapy, silicone silicone paste therapy etc.. In clinical practice is not very mature and effect is to be observed, and some required for a long time, pain, high cost, are not satisfactory, because the old scar is by irregular collagen accumulation caused, therefore we re formulation of collagenase and topical creams tested is effective in the treatment of 30 cases of old scars. Some results as shown on the right. We found that 100% of the patient's scars of the color becomes shallow, 89% of the scars in 10-17 days of color change, 100% of the patient's scars become soft, 78% of the scars in 10-20 days become soft. 56% of the patient's scar flattened, flat time is used in the latter period of the product (23-30 days). In clinical testing, the effectiveness of the product and age, gender and scars of the site has nothing to do, but also to old scar effect significantly, to the new scar effect is better, the scar effect on pregnant women's abdominal scar effect is obvious, no side effects. Old scar effect see figure.Scar effect of pregnant women with abdominal scars Old scar effect of traffic accident Surgical scar effect Pouch repair.

Hkable biological skin repair cream products:

[scope] applied to the surface of the skin (scar)

[method] 2 times a day, sooner or later each time, apply to the skin parts.

[note] [note]

1, for external use only, do not use this product for tearing wounds, avoid touching the eyes;

2, children must be used under adult supervision;

3, the product allergy disabled;

[net content] 3 g / 5 g / 15 g / Branch

Storage in the refrigerator

[cosmetics production license number] Chongqing makeup 20160001

[executive standard] QB/T1857-2004

[Effective] 3 years