Hkable is the most precious wealth of our employees. The mostoutstanding scientific research personnel is our baby developmentin the future, for every one of our baby to provide opportunity for growth and development, and to encourage innovation, decision making and entrepreneur spirit for the purpose of the enterprise culture,encourage teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit, let them develop to treat the work seriously, responsible, active, aspirant, promote the rapid development of the company.  

      Casting hkable biological 10 years, have a good baby R & D team andmanagement team. Experienced a number of hightech  professionalsand we grow together. At present the main researchers from Germany, Hongkong and Mainland China Medical University,including Dr., Professor accounted for 2/3. We believe that through their unremitting efforts, it can play a biological technology has penetrated into every corner of people's lives, is their outstanding contribution to the aebl biological development.