Hkable Biotechnology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. started in 2004, was established in 2014 a joint venture; is the

development, production and sales as one entity, now settled in Chongqing Banan District of Chongqing maliu

Mokdong technolog incubator building houses along the zone A5. 5000 square meters has been built in line

with GMP purification 100,000 ofthe biologicalspecies in the pilot plant and biopharmaceutical factory. June

2015 will have more than 20 kinds of products on sale, the annualoutput of more than 30 million, the annual

output valueis expected to reach one billion yuan.


   (2015-2017) brand was founded stage, biological disinfection products and research and development of

bio-medical equipment,disinfection products as soon as possible to improve the reporting and the

development of new products and medical devices, expand research topical antiinfective drugs and animal

drugs area. Expand the development ofexistingproducts in the domestic and overseas sales markets.

    (2018-2019) strategic adjustment phase, build multiple technology platform aimed at domestic and biology

research anti-infective, anti-resistant infections and other areas. A clear innovation strategy,rich products,

further expand the development of domestic and overseas sales markets.

    (2020-2021) to accelerate the growth and expansion of domestic and overseas sales market, and strive to

annual output value of over one billion yuan; enterprises listed in Hong Kong to prepare.